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Sunday, December 6, 2009

OC'd tonight.

I was feeling ambitious, and I needed to fill the windshield fluid on the car, so I headed out to Walmart. Parked the car, popped the trunk, pulled out the case, holstered my 1911, slid in a mag, and headed into the lion's den.

Walked all the way to the auto department, clear in the back of the store, got a friendly hello from the greater, passed a couple manager types throughout the store, and costumers all over the place. I sometimes forget how crowded that place is when you're not there at 3am.
Grabbed a jug of fluid, went back to the check-out, paid, went back to the car, filled up the fluid, and secured my pistol back in the trunk.

No mass panic, no children crying, no over-zealous Plover PD. Woot!

Freshly emboldened, I drove over to Best Buy, and wandered around the DVD section for a while. Picked up a couple movies, and headed home.

Carried my Kimber Cutom II in a Fobus paddle. Finally got around to ordering a tan Serpa for it tonight (I like the tan color, and a little more retention doesn't hurt either).