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Wednesday, March 16, 2011


"Your Raven Concealment order  shipped today."

Only ordered it in November...

Just Another Reason

Coffee is a thing of wonder and deliciousness.  Studies show it may reduce the occurance of strokes.

.38 Snubbies

"It's about as narrow-purpose as a handgun can be, and tricky to shoot well: the sights are hard to see, not to mention the basic physics problem of trying to hold a sub-1lb. object steady with two fingers while pulling a 10+ lb. trigger, all the while knowing it's going to smack your hand like a ball bat when it does go off? I mean, if you were trying to frustrate a new shooter and turn them off on shooting as a pastime, could there be a better gun to give him or her?"
"Sure, snubbies live up to a lot of their selling points (It's small! It's light! It'll fit in your purse!) but no one ever seems to tell women what it feels like to shoot one. So let me say it right now... It sucks."
I do think I should pick one up at some point, just to show people these things.  They may be a great sollution for somebody who's familiar with firearms, but are far from a great novice gun.

Spare Kitty

Adding this one from ENDO to my collection of warzone kitties.


Halfway to the office and realize my wallet's sitting on the desk... at home...

Gonna be a rough day.