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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Daily Show on OC

Yeah, there's a couple points where they push it, but it is a comedy news show, so it'll happen.  But we're not all middle aged and mildly overweight.  I'm only 26...

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Open Carrier Discrimination
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Overall it's not too bad though.  I've definitely seen worse reporting on the subject.

(h/t Snowflakes in Hell)

Long day.

Woke up late, lecture, exam, get some coffee, join the Army, go play games...

Yeah, somewhere in that mess I raised my right hand again.  Days of carefree civilian life are no more, and the amazing beard will have to go.  (Ok, it's National Guard, so once a month and the assorted deployments will cut into the carefree civilianness.)

Primarily the biggest thing that'll change will be my facial comfort in the winter months though.  Naked faces are cold faces.  Otherwise, it's a great way to convince somebody else to pay for ammo and training, right?