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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Doctors Remove Live Ordinance from Soldiers Head

We never dealt with any UXO in the ER part of Bagram Hospital while I did my EMT-B clinicals there.  Hell, we didn't even have a CT scanner, just regular old X-rays.  From the picture of the actual round on the video it looks to be a 20mm projectile of some sort (or whatever the Soviet equivalent is,) I'd guess with an impact fuse.  The soldier is apparently fine (well, aside from a bit of a nasty cut, cracked skull, and more than a little concussed...) That Purple Heart's coming with a pretty cool story though.

I give it a month before something like this is on House or the like.

National Parks Fee-Free Week

Apparently starts Saturday.  I wish I had known beforehand, I would have planned something for this weekend.