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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Magpul Mag Limiters

For the 20 round PMag.

Magpul announced they're available.  They limit the 20 round PMag to 5 or 10 rounds for those places that limit magazine size for hunting.  They are not permanent, simply replacing the locking plate under the base and blocking the follower.  Five round here, and ten here.

It's a Matter of Politeness

Not about quietly slaying things left and right.  Like a few other groups I've heard of, South Korea is now issuing suppressors to their troops to cut down on noise complaints from people living near live fire training areas.  There's also the side affect of being safer for the soldiers ears (hearing loss is one of the biggest contributers to the veteran disability pool here in the US...)

Wyoming Adopts Constitutional Carry

Gov. Mead signs the bill into law.  It goes into effect in July, bringing Wyoming's carry laws in line with Vermont, Alaska, and Arizona.