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Thursday, April 21, 2011

I don't see the problem...

Watching TV with the girl last night...

"Quick, what kind of gun was that?"
"A Sig P226."
"It was only on the screen for half a second!"
"...It's a common gun......."

Girls and Guns

I take some time off and miss the recent "everybody's blogging about" thing...

Apparently some asshat (I love that word...) thinks women shouldn't be shooting.

Uncle already summed things up pretty well (go take a look if you haven't already.)  The primary thing is that factual evidence shows women are the fastest growing segment in the firearms industry, quite the opposite of the NRA's efforts failing as Heyl seems to think.

Overall though, it's a shame they don't have comments enabled on the original story, that would have made for some good reading.  I'll have to tell Marty to read it, although I've got a feeling some strong editing would be required if I was to post her response...

I also need to get together a group of new shooters.  MandaFern (the girlfriend) has never shot anything more than a BB squirt gun and is really excited to try something more, and the more the merrier.