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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I Agree

From Oleg.

Reverse Engineering

They've been around for a while, but today Caleb mentioned a metal frame for your Glock.  Glock is probably the most responsible for bringing plastics into the serious handgun game, freaking out the libbies all the way (ZOMG IT GOES THROUGH METAL DETECTORS!!!11)

I was going to say the only thing that they need is a steel frame for your Glock that mimics the 1911 grip angle, but then I noticed-
One of these backstraps duplicates the factory Glock grip angle. The other is flatter, resulting in the pistol pointing more naturally for the vast majority of users and mimicking the grip angle and feel of a 1911.
I have to agree with one of Caleb's points though, if you must have a metal framed pistol, just stick with a Sig or something.

At least it's for a good cause...

Shooters can now blast clay pigeons for a cause. Federal® Ammunition’s special edition Top Gun® Target loads support finding a cure for breast cancer. These distinctive pink hulls are an effective hunting and shooting practice option or a solid load for shooting competitions. A portion of the sales of this product will go directly to the search for a cure. The new 12-gauge 2-3/4-inch #8 shotshells deliver consistent performance for all types of clay target shooting.
I might have to keep an eye out for some, just for the hell of it.