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Saturday, October 22, 2011


Are meaner than lions.

"Occupy"... Something.

The "Occupy _______(?)" people had a local gathering here on campus, providing me with some entertainment.

They talked for a bit, then headed downtown, where they talked some more and dispersed at a predetermined time (making me wonder why they bothered with the "occupy" title.)  As the photo shows, there was all of 30 people there, most of who looked to be leftovers from the "Recall Walker" dust-up earlier this year.


You know... October 22nd.  And a repeat of a photo... cause I can.

Wear EyePro!!

Destin shoots some cow eyeballs to show why eye pro is important.

Granted,most eyepro won't stop a direct hit from a .22lr like that, it does help drive the message home.

Also, if you aren't familiar with SmarterEveryDay's Youtube Channel, you should be.

.45acp Subgun Rapid Prototype

Despite the decline in SMG use and tactics, the Strike Industries design looks pretty neat, and the bullpup layout could make for a nice compact .45acp carbine if your tastes go in that direction (I think they're fun range toys at most... but make it compact enough and it could be a decent home defense setup.)

That Time of Year

Had the morning shift the last couple days at work, and had to sit in the driveway and wait for the frost to melt off the windshield before I could get going.  Currently it's 29 whole degrees on the Fahrenheit scale out there.

Looking to shape up to be a long cold one this year.