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Saturday, November 27, 2010


Back in September I talked a bit about some gloves, and quite a few readers ordered some from the link I provided, and picked up some other stuff while you were at the Amazon.  Amazon, in return, gives me a cut depending on how many things you guys buy after linking from the ol' blog.  It's a pretty sweet deal, and gives me some extra motivation to keep this thing going.

As I said, September was a pretty good month, higher numbers means a higher percentage, and there were some higher priced items bought.  An hour or so ago they sent me a gift certificate code, and I finally ordered the lens I'd been planning to get for a while for significantly less than the regular price.  So now I'll have some good zoom ability (I've been running a 35mm primary almost exclusively, great for shallow focus portrait stuff and low light, but no zoom) and you guys are to thank for a good chunk of it.