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Thursday, May 24, 2012

'Yote Repellent

They've been getting brave over the years, so it's good to have something handy to scare them off this weekend if we need to.

B-CC with a TLR-1 and XPS should do the trick, stocked with 55gr. HP, just because it's zeroed for it.

Clocks are Worthless

Got home from work, tossed in a load of laundry, mowed the lawn, now having a beer.  Makes sense... except for that pesky "AM" part of the clock...

All part of the graveyard.

End of an Era...

As a part-time owner of an award winning beard, all I can say is "God-speed Mr. Axford."

Sometimes it needs to be done for one reason or another.  I just hope it's the nudge our luck needs.


...Excuses.  It's been light around here lately, but in my own defense, I did work 50 hours last week (mostly overnight hours too...) on top of prepping for a switch to Active Duty in a couple months.  It was flip-flopping for a little bit, but it's pretty much a certainty now that I'll be spending a bit of time in Afghanistan after a bit in Texas (my own fault... I was silly and volunteered...)

Anywho, I should be getting some stuff up here after the weekend.  Going to be in the UP enjoying the wilderness and ancestrial stomping ground, along with the first canned beer in a long time.  (Will also have the good ol' Jetboil with French Press for the mornings.)

Anyway, this shift is almost done, and the lawn won't mow itself....