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Monday, July 18, 2011


Yup, baking.  Tasty surprise for the fellow geeks for tomorrow's gaming night in celebration of my birthday (and as an excuse to make them.)

I won't say too much more, as one of them reads here on occasion, but let's just say it is a true embodiment of this blog, as it involves bacon and espresso.  Gunnies love bacon, and espresso is just concentrated coffee goodness.  The girl and I whipped up a batch last week to test the recipe, and lets just say I can't wait for more of them.


Talking to Dan about setting up a range trip the other day (he got a .44mag S&W a couple months ago, and I haven't shot it yet...)

Me- So what are you doing Wednesday?
Dan- I work until 3, but I'm open after that.
M- Cool.  The girl works until 4 or so too, so I'll run it past her.  She may get upset if she misses the chance to pop off some rounds out of the little 10/22.
D- Sounds good.

So later that evening she swings by work on her way home;

Me- So Dan and me are thinking of a range trip Wednesday...
Amanda- (Before I can even finish the sentence...) You told him I work until 4 right?
M- Yes.

Yeah, she's pretty awesome like that.

Hyperstealth Photos

I mentioned the stuff a while back, and SSD has a couple photos of it.

Too cool if the stuff actually works that well.