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Monday, August 22, 2011

Zoo Animals

More photos from the zoo in no particular order.

Be Prepared

The girl (Fern) wrote a short explanation of why she's going to get her CCW permit come November.

A Fine Brew(ery)

Last Friday night Fern and I headed out to Amherst to stop in at Central Waters Brewery.  They've pretty much stuck a bar on the side of the brew floor, and you can stop in on Friday evenings to sample their brews.

Central Waters has been around for a little over 10 years, they started out in Junction City, WI (about 15 miles down the road to the West of us,) and relocated to Amherst, WI (about 15 miles East of Point...)  They're a typical Wisconsin Microbrewery with a decent range of offerings, and Friday they had the first batch of their annual Octoberfest brew on tap.  I also had a pint of their Mudpuppy Porter with Nitro rather than CO2, and it had the smoothest, creamiest head I've ever had on a beer.  It was wonderful.

If you see some in your local cooler, it's worth checking out.