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You can get yourself a sweet outfit and enjoy a pants-free lifestyle too, but more importantly you can donate to help fund awareness campaigns and research into fighting these diseases. Simply go to the Kilted to Kick Cancer Donate page and make your tax deductible donation today! Please remember to select "Team Guns & Coffee" from the drop-down menu as well.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

KtKC Day 17

One great kilt,

"They need all the firepower they can get!"
Two great causes!  Ok, a Great Cause, and a Good Cause... 'cause.

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Would that help?  Next year I'm hoping to talk to some industry folks about getting some cool swag to give away, but I ran out of time this year.

What I do have to offer, is a kilt pin.

I made this one up last month, and need to make a few more for next month. It'll be pretty quick to knock out another one and offer it up as a prize, say $5 gets you a "ticket", and I'll figure out some fun way of picking a winner at the end of the month?  I think it's a good deal!

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