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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Bin Laden Dead?

(Just going to update this post for now...)

Just breaking... damn I hope it's true.

BBC, Fox...

Waiting for a press conference from the Pres...

Appears that he was killed outside of Islamabad, located through the use of good human intelligence, and was nailed in a drone strike a CIA(?) moved in and got into a firefight, killed him, and secured the body.  The body is in our hands and DNA has been confirmed....

LA Times is calling it a "CIA-led operation"...

Pres is saying it wasn't a drone strike, but face to face firefight, no losses on our side.  Ballsy... I mean admitting that we sent guys in... that could be interesting in the long run.  No casualties on our side.

If that team is ever in Central Wisconsin, I'll gladly buy them a round or 3...

I'm going to go celebrate a little before bed... expect more tomorrow.

Seems People Don't Forget Some Things

Like stupid PR moves.

Sorry, can't come in to work...

Trapped under a fierce tiger, I don't dare wake him.
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