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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

More New Magpul Stuff

From SSD.

A few of the items have already been released, but it looks like they're finally making a fixed stock for the AR platform.

Shorter LOP than an A2, storage, and means to mount a short rail to mount a monopod on the rear.  Looks good.  Possibly a good call for a "budget" PRS setup if you don't need/want the adjustability in the field.

US Palm Announces 45 Round Quad-stack AK Mag

On their facebook-
Okay, Jan 10 is close enough: for our good friend Steven S. who has impulse issues, here's one of our new product announcements for SHOT 2012 debut: a 7.62x39 45 round quad stack magazine! Yes, US PALM has successfully cracked that nut, and these babies rock! More, later, but for now, oh-yah! Estimated MSRP will be $99.95.
While I like seeing more innovation, I don't think the price is worth an extra 15 rounds in the box.  To each his own though.

Tuesday Morning Range Trip

Gonna head out in a half hour or so to do some longer range plinking (or at least as much as 100 yards can be considered "long range"...)  Cro's got a new toy to show off, so hopefully some photos today or tomorrow, depending on when I can edit them.