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Thursday, June 17, 2010


So we all (well, us gun people anyway) tend to rag on the Mythbusters and their mediocre gun knowledge, but watching their “Top 25 Special” did give me a bit of a warm-fuzzy.  The second one featured was Kari talking about how much she likes guns, primarily cutting down a tree with a minigun.  She said something along the lines of being a vegetarian hippie from California and never even thinking she would ever shoot a gun, let alone end up loving them.

I think every time I’ve seen her shooting on the show, she has a huge smile, the kind of smile Breda was talking about the other day.  Quite the awesome.


Scoped out one of the local landmarks after work yesterday, Grandad Bluff. It's about 600 feet higher than the surrounding terrain. Pretty cool.  Apparently the land off on the right side of the horizon is Iowa.  Just a little further right, just off camera, is Minnesota.  Pretty cool.  Forgive the mediocre photo quality, I don’t have Photoshop on the netbook, so I had to rely on my camera’s mediocre conversion from NEF raw to .jpg…

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