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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Two New Magpul DVDs Inbound

Art of the Dynamic Handgun

Aerial Platform Ops

We've began incorporating parts of the carbine sets into our range sessions in our group, and have been pleased with the results. I'm really looking forward to the pistol set, as that's an area I'm trying to improve on. The Aerial one just looks like massive cool.

I can only hope shotgun is next.

Impending Release?

Bushmaster's got a countdown clock going on the ACR site. Hopefully it's a countdown to an MSRP!

Sig P226 & P229 E2

Or Enhanced Ergonomics (shouldn't that be E squared?), featuring a smaller grip radius and short reach triggers. They put a single piece grip, that I'm guessing they carried over from the SigPro line. Should be good for those of you with small hands. (Although I find that even with my big hands I like smaller grips, especially shooting in the winter with thicker gloves on.)

(more at Guns Holsters and Gear)

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