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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

CCW and UW Campuses

John Lott talks about how the UW System is going to have to deal with the new CCW laws.

The way I understood it, it would be up to each campus to decide how to deal with CCW in the buildings, however they cannot stop you from carrying on the campus grounds.  It looks that he's reading it the same as well.

I'm hoping that my school will choose to go the simple route and allow it.  I'm sure the College Dems will cry to no end, but it would be the simplest and cheapest solution.  I'll certainly let you guys know as soon as I know what our policy will be for CCW.

Funny, Yet Frightening...

Because it's probably true.

If you don't follow Larry, you really should.  He writes pretty good stuff in printed format too.

Darwin Sighs...

...As another slips past.  Not to hate on stereotypes, but they apparently live in a trailer, so there's bound to be many more chances down the road.