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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Impromptu Fun Show!

Headed up to Wausau to look for house stuff (filled under "success") and noticed signs for a gun show.  Granted it was a Bob & Rocco one... but eh, time to kill, pretty stuff to look at (hopefully.)  Saw some rare beasts (Kel-tech KSG and a PMR-30) and there was a multi-table slew of Class III fun to drool over.

We'll file our shopping here success as well.  Crossed another off the "would really like to have list," and snagged a 1928 manufactured Winchester 1897.  Long barrel, take-down, and all sorts of slam-fire fun.

Very seriously considering knocking a few inches off, and need to replace the stock (not trusting that crack tons,) but should be very much fun for SASS.