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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Deliciously Relevant...

...to my interests.

Good for them!

Wyoming Senate passes Constitutional Carry.  I hope it continues all the way to the top and provides an example of why my home state should be doing.

Neat. SD "Home Defense Package"

A former co-worker and friend has been picking my brain for a "home defense" and plinking gun, preferably in 9mm, and in looking for options I came across the Smith & Wesson SD9 and SD40 "Home Defense Package" MSRP'd at $499.

I've gotta say, that actually looks like a pretty sweet deal for a starter home defense package, for $40 more than the gun alone, you get a white light and a gun vault.  The gun also has a Tritium front sight, and simple white dots on the rear, which is great for a defensive gun.

"High Velocity Clips"

I think the only time I've had any of those is when I get in the groove with my reloads.  Oh wait, those are mags. Maybe somebody's throwing stripper clips off a really tall building?

Guns of Firefly

Possibly my most favoritest live action TV show ever, and I don't watch much TV to be honest.  Uncle linked to a good variety of the guns featured in the series.