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Saturday, July 16, 2011


That's all on the outside of the window...
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About two-thirds of the way through a double shift today, but planning on running up to Gander Mountain in the morning to track down something revolver-like, chambered in .22lr, and double-action.  Will likely end up with a Taurus 94 of some flavor (most likely 4" barrelled in stainless judging from what's usually in the case.)  I'd rather have a S&W, but I can't bring myself to pay what people want for their .22s these days (and the stupid hole in the side pisses me off to no end...)  The Taurus isn't a bad looking gun either, just not as nice as a Smith.

If I go up there tomorrow morning, fill out the paperwork, and pay for it, I can go back on Tuesday to actually take possession of the thing; which will make for a good start to my birthday.

Five-point-two-five hours to go...