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Monday, August 30, 2010

I can haz shorty?

So more and more I feel the desire for an AR in the 10.5-11.5 inch category, and I think the idea of an AR pistol is stupid.  The question is does the $200 and hassle seem worth it for the mere privilege of having a stubby gun? And how much of a hassle is it in Wisconsin?  Something to distract myself during classes this semester I suppose.


Being an inked individual, I'm almost always a fan of tattoos, and if done right you can pull of some pretty funny ones.  Almost wish I had thought of that.

Correia's going on a killing spree...

...but it's for a good cause.  A young man is in need of a rather pricey procedure and for a $50 donation, you can become a Redshirt in one of Larry Correia's upcoming novels.  I'm planning to go over my finances and see if there's hope of becoming a bonifide Monster Hunter before being eviscerated by some ghoul.

Downright Frightening

As Robb says;
You'd have to be a paranoid lunatic to carry a concealed weapon to a child's birthday party.
Not much else to say, other than carry your guns and remember your training.  Bad stuff can go down anywhere.