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Monday, September 12, 2011

Sharp & Cheap

Markdowns on best-selling sharp and pointy bitz at Amazon.

Armed Man Rescues Madison Woman

"He saw the suspect standing over the woman, stomping on her head," DeSpain said. "He yelled for the man to stop but his pleas fell on deaf ears." The man went back to his apartment to get his cell phone so he could call 911, but he couldn't find the phone and grabbed the handgun instead.
Sounds like someone else called the police to report him holding the guy at gun point, thankfully he remained calm and cooperative when they rolled up, while the suspect swore at the police and threatened them.

The surprising part is that the man will not be charged with anything, which makes me wonder if Chief Wray is throwing a little temper tantrum in his office and calling for the shift Sgt's head...