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Thursday, January 12, 2012

I can see the meeting...

"That Judge is selling like hotcakes... but I wish it was uglier..."

Some trends need to go die in a hole.

"Journalists" and Bloggers

So I was sitting here poking around the interwebs (ordering a J-Frame kit from Apex and a set of screwdrivers... look for that next week) and sipping my coffee when a guy approached me and said he's a writer for the local newspaper, and if I'd be interested in talking to him for a bit.

This... could be fun.

He's writing a piece about some of the local businesses closing, and looking for opinions on the local economy, which overall, is about normal for the country right now (a local medical manufacturer just announced they were moving shop yesterday though, so 200 jobs evaporated and people are worried again.)

Anyways, we chatted for a bit, and his visible level of respect went up a few notches when I mentioned I'm a combat vet, and in the National Guard, and have lived in town nearly three times as long as he has (we moved here when I was like six months old.)  I then knocked it back down after he complimented me on my Eee PC and I mentioned I was a blogger... he seemed to close up a little bit and ended the interview shortly after that.

Just thought that was interesting, make of it what you will.


Woke to find I have a lovely sinus thing going on (thanks Dan!) and that we finally got some snow, a measly two inches of powdered fluff that doesn't help make ski trails at all.  Thankfully it's payday, so I'm less than broke and was able to buy some cough drops to try and loosen up my nose and keep my voice from running away.

I braved the cold and snow anyway and came down to the coffee shop (snowshoes are in the trunk, just in case) and hopefully the caffeine will help jump start the idea motors in my brain.  If not, well, Mushroom Swiss Bison Burger is today's special at Cafe Espresso, so...