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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Light Postage...

Combination of real life and college pilling up on me.  ArcMap decided to crash and then refuse to load my project, and I'm still completely lost in my stats class.  I hate stats.

Anyway, hopefully I can get some content up relatively soon, especially since the weather refuses to stay warm enough for more than two days.  Don't want to dump a kayak in 40 degree water...

Small guns...

One area I haven't really had a chance to venture into.  I mean really small guns.  The smallest centerfire handgun I own is my CZ-82, and it is far from what I would consider a sub-compact.  I have always liked the look of tiny guns though, and I would love to own an old Colt vest pocket pistol.  But living in Wisconsin, I haven't had enough of an excuse to get something in that size group.

Over the weekend though, I had the chance to run a few rounds through a Taurus Millennium Pro chambered in .45acp.

The double stack 10 round mag filled up my hands pretty well (granted I've got large-ish hands...) and the little dimple on the frame just ahead of the trigger was perfectly placed for my offhand thumb.  The trigger was surprisingly pretty decent, and overall the fit and finished seemed pretty nice, even for a used pistol like the example my friend has.  The Hienie Straight 8 sights are a very nice touch as well.  Overall it was pretty controllable, and seemingly accurate enough for such a stumpy little barrel.  I didn't bring any .45, so I didn't want to shoot up too much of his ammo though, so I only put a few rounds downrange.

Overall though, it's definitely going on the list for possible CCW options if that ever comes to be 'round here.