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Thursday, September 15, 2011

I'm Helping!

Photo "assistant" Lila hard at work.

I Agree

The advantages of .40S&W aren't that much better than 9x19 to justify the price.  I've never even given any thought to owning anything chambered in fo'tay, I've always figured for the price I may as well just shoot .45acp.  Modern 9mm bullets and loads are much much better than the virtually archaic FMJ loads that spawn the horror stories of nine failing to stop bad guys.

Apparently Rob Pincus agrees, and he's pretty smart.  Also SayUncle, and he's a pretty credible source as well.

Right now I've got 34 rounds of 124 gr. +P jacketed hollow points... if I can't take care of the problem with that, I should have gotten my ass to a rifle 17 rounds ago.  Not to mention I can actually afford to shoot it on a regular basis.