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Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Matter of Months

Gov. Scott Walker said this week he expects a concealed carry bill to emerge as early as spring — after the Legislature tackles more pressing issues like job growth and the budget — and that he will sign it.
It's already passed twice, and former Gov. Doyle vetoed it both times.  Gov. Walker is adamant that he will sign whatever legislation is placed on his desk.  The main question is not if, but rather what that legislation will be.

Personally, I'm pretty torn.  Constitutional Carry is obviously the more "right" option, as it will not create more unnecessary bureaucracy or continue to limit the ability to carry through the added individual financial burden.  On the other hand, a permitting system could lead to a permit that is honored in other states (Michigan and Minnesota come to mind pretty quickly.)

(H/T: RTB)

Striker-fired 1911?

Kimber's got some new 9mm pocket-sized guns, and that's pretty much what they are, super-melted tiny 1911 frames with striker-fired top ends.

To be honest, I actually really like how they look, very reminiscent of the old 1908 Colts, but in a usable caliber.  Price ($725) isn't too bad for a Kimber either.

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I'm definitely going to have to get one of these...