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Monday, June 7, 2010


Weer'd Beard has a couple pictures and words about the new Chiappa Rhino revolver I think I've mentioned in the past. (Hum.  Guess not.)

I like the looks of the 5" setup.  Might have to keep an eye out for one.

Top Shot

Watched it last night like everybody else.  Overall, it's nice to see our sport in a somewhat more positive light, but at the same time, I'm reminded why I avoid reality TV.  Too much edited drama.

Good to see Caleb not sucking though.

If you missed it, it's up on Hulu.


Just some cool pics from Saturday.


Was going to post this yesterday...

Anyways, the annual fly-in/airshow at the Stevens Point Airport was yesterday, and the start of the event was once again the B-25 Mitchell bomber, "Miss Mitchell"

Gotta love the sound of a large-ish bomber doing some low passes.

I do need to get a good zoom lens before I hit another airshow though... despite how much I love my 35mm primary, it's just not cutting it for this kind of stuff.

Not Broke!?

After 12 hour+ break in service, looks like Blogger is running again.  About time.
Contemplating moving to wordpress if this keeps up...
Blogger not letting me write any posts... Grr.