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Tuesday, November 2, 2010


The target at the end got me big time... the dogs are still barking.

My copy's in the mail...


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Today's the Day!

I'm not going to tell who to vote for (contractual obligations and whatnot), but I will tell you to take a few minutes and do it.
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So my old beat up Wiley-X SG1s finally gave up their long battle with life, and finally broke down and got an eye exam and some new sunglasses (my prescription hasn't changed since I got glasses my senior year of high school...)  Nice looking Colombia branded wrap-around type with polarized polycarbonate lenses (by the way, prescription wrap-arounds!  Awesome!)  Decent eye protection with good coverage.

The lameness, however, is what they included for a "case."

Yup... A little cloth draw string pouch.  The last pair of glasses I got, a pair of cheap $40 pair of plastic frames with the cheapest lenses available, came with a hard clamshell case... the $250+ Ti flex-framed superlight polycarb lensed regular glasses I wear all the time came with a hard case.  Unfortunately the new shades don't fit in those cases, so I have to shop around and find a hard case they will.

Oh well.  I should just be glad to have sunglasses again.