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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Nordic Magazine Tube Extension

I ordered a +5 model for the new shotgun, showed up while I was at class. Look how nice it tucks up under the 24" barrel.

Instillation is pretty straight forward, strip down the front half of the gun, unscrew the factory tube so you can get the guts out, take a big long dowel to tap out the pluggy deally (technical term) from the end, screw tube back on, reassemble the front half sans tube guts, screw on extension in place of the old cap. Now comes the hard work. Unscrew the end of the tube extension, drop in the follower (make sure it's pointed the right way) slide in the new spring, measure 10-16 inches from the end of the extension (I did 16" to be safe, you can always cut it down more if need be) wiggle the spring all the way in, and screw the cap on. The end has a hole you can stick a cleaning rod in to help guide the spring if you need it.

It looks good, but will make disassembly a little awkward, as that will now involve unscrewing the extension and dealing with a long squirrelly spring. But the gun now holds 9+1, so I can handle it I guess. Hopefully I'll be able to get out to the range this weekend or something and make sure it works right and I don't have too many hangups inside.

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