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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Just to show...

I'm not just into the newest tacticoolest rail farm rigs.  Went to the show in Madison this morning, and could not pass this up for the price.

Remington built, '43 barrel date.  It fills in the American void in my surplus collection quite nicely.


Boat Guy said...

Nice piece. It doesn't just "fill a void in a collection"; you've got a very nice hunting/combat piece

Fred said...

The void was an American bolt action military rifle. I've got a handful of Mosin Nagants, a few Mausers, and a couple Enfields (granted one of them is a Savage, but it's still a British style Enfield.) The only "big" one I'm missing now is an Arisaka, but I'm stubbornly holding out for either one with an intact Mum, or a very late war example. Next show maybe.