Monday, April 26, 2010


Chicago's murder rate so high lawmakers call for the Governor to deploy the National Guard.  Funny how some of the highest violent crime locations have the most stringent gun laws.

I don't think it's answer either, National Guard soldiers don't train for domestic law enforcement, and unleashing a death blossom in downtown Chicago would probably be frowned upon.  (I'm not saying that Nat. Guardsmen are loose cannons, hell, I am one, but it's hard to override certain learned responses...)  But really, I don't see how imposing borderline martial law on the city would help fight crime rates.

Maybe they just need to hurry up the court decision and allow the law abiding citizens of Chicago to defend themselves and take their town back... crazy talk, I know.

(ETA: at least the police agree about the "Guard Solution" (H/T Say Uncle)

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