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Monday, May 24, 2010

Broke mah bolt.

Busted a bolt in my mid-length tonight.  Sheared off the two locking lugs closest to the extractor.  I've put about 1,000 rounds through it, mainly Wolf, so I'm sure the steel haters will blame that.  My uneducated eyes say it's a fault in the metal though, as those are no doubt the weakest lugs on an AR bolt, and the way they sheared just seems too uniform.

Thankfully my MOE grip has the spare bolt core, so I wasn't boned for the night.  Dan said I took it quite well, just kind of a "Huh. That sucks." and tossed in the spare bolt.  Good idea to have a spare on hand.

Will I keep shooting Wolf?  Yeah.  I've got a bunch of it, and my A2 has had a bunch more through it with no issues.  I'll probably end up getting a slightly higher end bolt to swap in there though.  Chrome plated and MP tested might be a good idea...

1 comment:

RobertM said...

Well that sucks. Good thing you had the spare. Something I need to pick up myself. I've put a lot of Wolf through mine as well and so far I've had no problems. Hopefully things will stay that way.