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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Walking Dead

Bah. Almost forgot this one (thanks to Uncle for reminding me.)

Looks like AMC's doing a TV version of my very favorite zombie-based comic book series "Walking Dead."

The books are fantastic, and if you haven't read them yet, go buy them. (I need to catch up myself, I forget if I got through vol. 5 or 6...)(yes, I linked the crap out of it, I'm really saying you should buy it.)

The books follow a group of survivors doing the survival thing, and revolves around the group dynamics for the meat of the story.  Love affairs, offing bad group members, dealing with really young kids in the apocalypse, other not-so-friendly groups of survivors, etc...  And since it's not limited to a 90 minute run-time (well, the books anyway...) the writer really digs into the characters.  It's possibly the most realistic zombie book out there from a psychological standpoint.

If you like the zombie genre (and I'm sure 90+% off my reader demographic does...) you will love this series, even if you're not a huge comic nerd.

As for the show, like all things based on books I like, I hope it doesn't suck, but I'm not gonna hold my breath.  (The teaser looks pretty promising though.)


McVee said...

Looks good... did the graphic novel predate 28 days later? The whole waking up in the hospital and the world has changed is kinda old.

Fred said...

I think 28 Days Later came out first (issue 1 of Walking Dead was Oct 2003), but I don't think it counts, fast zombies suck.

McVee said...

"fast zombies suck."
Yes, yes they do... :)