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Monday, November 29, 2010

100 Best

Movie Spaceships

Flipping through killing some time...

ETA:  Now that I've flipped through, good to see Serenity in the top 10, if not for the design of the ship, but for what it stands for.  As for the number one choice, well, it may be heresy in some circles, but really?  Just because it's from Star Wars?  The most overrated franchise I can think of? Lame....


Mark said...


The Falcon isn't the best JUST because it's Star Wars. It's a metaphor for the underdog, for the poor scoundrel taking the fight to the man and winning!

Think of it, a pile of junk, barely able to hold itself together, helps destroy the greatest weapon in the history of the galaxy! (Twice!)

Then again, I'm biased. I haven't seen half of the movies/shows that ships on that list are from. I am glad Serenity made it, I wish they'd pull a Family Guy/Futurama and bring that show back.

Mr. Casey said...

The Falcon is cool, ok, but what about what sci-fi 'is'? The ships from 2010 were much more interesting to me. They moreso embodied design from a 'form follows function school'. The outrigger cockpit has some major blind spots ya' know! Strange to see that no Battlestars (Galactica, I'm looking at you!) made it on the list either, nor a viper!? The twin pod cloud car is on the list but NOT the Colonial Viper. Yeah, the list blows.

Fred said...

But the writer flat out states he put the Falcon in first simply because it's from Star Wars... and the rest of his reasoning, " but because, much like the vessels that transport us through our lives, it is a little bit of a mess. And has removable panels to hide when smuggling"; is hardly unique to the MF. Serenity fits that just as well.

Plus I really empathise with Mal. He's my kind of people.