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Saturday, November 13, 2010

1911 .22lr Conversions

So I'm contemplating a conversion slide deally for the 1911 to get some good cheap training, and the little Walther just doesn't cut it (controls are all in the wrong place and the gun is tiny.)  Anybody have experience with any of the kits out there?  I'd prefer to keep it under $300 or so, otherwise I'd just attempt to track down a GSG1911, but I have yet to see one offered at my usual places.


Jester said...

The only thing I have shot is a Kimber Conversion kit but at their cost it is out of the price range. They are nice kits however, accurate and really fun with ammo they like, high powered non coated fodder. They also don't like a large amount of ammunition. I'm down to three types so far that mine shoots accurately and continues to function.

Fred said...

I was contemplating the Ciener kits, but I keep running into lots of complaints about customer service.

The Kimber one would work well, and hopefully run decently since the host gun is a Kimber, at least I can only hope. Maybe if I look hard enough I can find a deal on a slightly used one.

James said...

Buddy of mine has a Ciener kit that seems to work well. The mags are the weak point. They don't like to be dirty.

That thing is a TACK DRIVER with that kit on it. With no recoil, it's easy to make hits at distance.

We had set up some spinners at about 50-60 yards one day (measured it by pacing it out so I'm not entirely confident) and we were able to hit the big one about 50% of the time. Sights were a little off at that distance so there was some holdover involved.