Monday, November 15, 2010

.22lr SCAR

If you haven't noticed, I like .22lr clones.  I've only got two at the moment, but they're both lots of fun.

The Maddened Fowl has found another one, this time a SCAR from ISSC.  If it's priced right it could be fun.


McVee said...

Neat. I am going forward with the M&P 22 but the M22 glock clone looks good.
Yeah, and I'm sure the Sarah Brady shock quoitent is high with these tacti-twos

Fred said...

I'm easily getting more use out of my M&P15-22 than any of my other .22lr's combined, but variety is the spice of life. Hopefully the controls are similar enough to the SCAR that it'll be a good training options for those running them.