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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Fine Art

Playing a little with photoshop.  The original photo wasn't quite what I wanted, so I messed with it a little, and I think it turned out alright.


Jennifer said...

Good detail, but it seems a bit harsh.

Fred said...

I tuned it down a bit at first, but it just seemed blah, so I pushed it the other way.

Mr. Casey said...

I like the contrasts! It's like a linotype out of an old catalog or something. Harsh but still clear. How are you liking the M&P platform? Moving to TX in June and will (Huzzah!) finally be able to exercise my rights and have decided on the M&P .45 compact for carry. Sold all my handguns year before last to finance the divorce, grrrrr, and just got rid of the last Glock 23 .40, deciding to go back to .45 ACP.

Fred said...

Whoops.... didn't mean for your comment to fall in the cracks...

I'm pretty tempted to find an M&P45c myself in the even that we do get CCW here. I like the idea of a near full-length slide and a short grip, it just seems better for concealment and still retaining accuracy and velocity. (Honestly, the slide follows the line of your body, it's the grip that gives it away. What do you accomplish by chopping two inches off the barrel?)

I'm a bit bias, in that I have not met a Glock that I liked. I've shot them, they work, and if you like them, go for it. I don't, they just don't feel right.

The M&P, on the other hand, fits my hand perfectly with the large backstrap (I've got big-ish hands) and the high beavertail and thumb safeties work perfectly with my 1911 inspired high-thumb forward grip style. So far I've only experienced a couple FTE with cheap steel cased ammo, and zero malfunctions with brass cased.

The trigger's a little rough, but I do have an Apex carry kit that I plan on installing in the near future that should clean things up a bit.