Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Golly Gee Whiz!

This is to inform you that your email have been selected for a cash prize of £950,000.00 and a brand new BMW X6 Series Car from the BMW AWARD DEPARTMENT in London Uk. Contact Dr Smith Goodluck by Email: bmwautomobilecompany43@yahoo.com.hkwith the following: Names:, Country/Address of resident:, Occupation:, Date Of Birth:, Phone Number

It's from a doctor, Dr. Goodluck no less, so it must be legit, right?

Somehow I don't think so... say hello to my gmail's spam bin.


Mike-ENDOtactical said...

X6? I'll take it... That thing is sex on wheels.

Fred said...

Go for it! Email address is right up there. :D

Anonymous said...

i got the same email. and i never singed up for no car