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Monday, December 6, 2010

Surefire going for the hi-cap mag market

With quad-stack box-ness in 60 and 100 round flavors.

I will say the 100 rounder look absurd, but apparently their pushing more towards the 3-gun crowd rather than the new Marine LMG (I don't see that 100 rounder going prone anytime soon without it's on little trench...)  They're of metal construction, it'll be interesting to see how the inside is setup.  According to SSD they should be "officially" announced at SHOT, and available next March.

Quads are nothing new, as Tam reminds us, but it's still interesting to see something available.  No word on Magpul's quad though, should be interesting to see what the price comparison will be between molded polymer and welded aluminum though.

More- Gear Scout spoke with the guy's at Surefire, seems they're actually pushing them more towards your standard infantrymen, calling them "anti-ambush mags."  Check out their article for more info and some more pictures.


Jeffersonian said...

"how the inside is setup."

Something like this:


Now I have to get an AR....

Mr. Casey said...

Great minds think alike as my first thought on that 100 rounder was, wow, no prone there. It does look slightly more manageable and hopefully less malfunction prone than some of the Beta style drum mags. I always hope for some form of Magpul-esque SAW type box for the AR platform.

They do look well thought out and made.

Fred said...

I'd imagine it's something like the Magpul design inside, not many other ways to make it work.

I think the 60 rounder's a good size though.