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Monday, January 24, 2011

AKs Morally Outdated?

What does that even mean?  The story broke on Military Firearm a couple weeks ago, and we laughed.  I guess the story is gaining some legs, and I've seen it referred to on a couple blogs this morning.  I think my first response really sums up my feelings towards it pretty well though.

It appears that the Minister considers them to be evil rifles, because they are used by evil men.

"Terrorists from the Caucasus always use Kalashnikovs and SVDs,” Clussky said. “The funding, which they receive from abroad, gives them a very good opportunity to receive American and French small arms. They often use foreign-made communication systems at times, but they most frequently, if not always, use Russian-made rifles."
I think it has more to do with them being "cheap" and "reliable," rather than having any inherent "evil" in them.

Now, I'm not arguing that the AK and SVD platforms aren't outdated.  For once Ret. Gen. Scales may be on to something with his regurgitated gun-forum complaints about the system (seriously, this isn't the first time I've seen his name attached to some WTF military "analysis" on their site...)-
"The AK-47 is outdated because of it’s not an accurate weapon,”
However I don't see the Russian military just ditching the guns, let alone buying foreign made weapons, simply because bad guys use them.

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