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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

SHOT 2011 3.0!

Umm... more links.

S&W Movie Guns (kinda cool,) and more on the Para 14.45 Tactical from Gun Nuts Media

Crye MagClips and new prototype Multitasker Tools (I like the idea behind the MagClips.  As for the Multitaskers, I'd known about the Series 3, but I hadn't heard about the Super Tube or the new Ultralight.  I like!)

Mossberg "Chainsaw" (it's for breaching! Honestly!!) and the Walther PPQ

Charter Rimless Revolver, Belt-fed AR

More M&P22 stuff

More "Day 1" stuff from GunsAmerica, including a torched safe full of guns


Sean said...

Is the external safety on the M&P 22 optional like the other M&P's

Fred said...

Sounds like it's only available with the safety so far. I don't think it'll be too long before there's a fix for that for those who don't want it though. (Personally, I like it, and I'm glad it's not an ugly and backwards slide mounted safety like so many other .22lr pistols. I also run a thumb-safety equipped M&P9 though.)