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Friday, January 21, 2011

Shotgun Drama

ATF Will Issue a New Ruling on Monday Regarding Shotgun Imports

As Uncle says, does that mean we should stock up on Saigas?  That would suck, I've been close to buying one a few times, and I'd hate to have put it off too long.  I may have to check the finances and hope they prices don't do something stupid by the show next weekend... (I'm sure if they do make them non-importable they'll be well out of my price range by then anyway though. Guns are like stocks... just a lot noisier and loads more fun.)

Since that first bomb, there's been a little glimmer of light in regards to what it's going to be:
...the new ruling is going to be akin to the 1994 Assault Weapon Ban, in that, shotguns with bayonet lugs, large capacity magazines…etc or commonly referred to as “evil parts,” will no longer be importable as they have “no sporting purpose.”
The issue we run into is that Saiga shotguns aren't imported with all the "evil" features.  They have to be converted "in country" and 922R compliance must be met.  All "high" capacity magazines are produced state-side, and not imported with the gun (they come with a 5 round box.)

The ATF claims the ruling affects more than just one gun, so another question is which ones. Caleb's got his money on the new 28ga version of the Taurus Judge and the Rossi Trail Judge, since they "have no sporting purpose" and twist the wording of the AOW and SBS rules (I can see that being the reasoning too... "How dare you defy me!!")

I hope it doesn't stop the import of Saiga 12s though.  Otherwise I'll be kicking myself in the ass for not buying those two at a show a year ago and selling one a month from now.  Still not buying a Judge though.  They're made of stupid.

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