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Friday, January 14, 2011

Surefire Extended AR Mag Video

To round out the YouTube/Big Mag theme for the day, Surefire just put out a pretty good looking video showing several of the benefits of their 60 and 100 round extended AR magazines.

I'm still not too enamored by the John Holmes-esque 100 rounder, and the "ambush" section shows why.  The guy they show prone lucked out and has his gun set up with an offset MRD, so he can cant the rifle to clear the mag in the prone and still accurately place rounds on target.  However, I doubt the Army or Corps are going to shell out the money for a whole new mount and sight system, simply to use the mag.

They also could have included a third section in there with the competition use for these.  That's a pretty big chunk of the market they shouldn't ignore with this product.

I would still love to get my hands on a 60 rounder though, maybe in a few years when (hah) the price starts to look more realistic.


JD said...

For general infantry I don't see the point of this, but since the Corps is looking to axe the SAW for the "IAR" this might be a good alternative to the Beta-C, although the Beta would make for better prone shooting.

Fred said...

True... forgot to mention that.