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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Break From Moving

But not from working some way or another. Driving it 10 miles down hardball also sucks a bit. "Bouncy" Doesn't begin to describe it.
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Bruce333 said...

Case MW24?

Fred said...

Maybe? All i can tell you is that it is a Case. I haven't touched one in five years or so.

James said...

Those are actually quite capable offroad despite being bouncy and slow. If your unit is anything like mine they threw you in it with little training or warning. We have a couple of the 10k forklift version, used one to help pull a HEMTT out of a Ft. Polk mudhole once. They're also fun for improv humvee lifts.

Fred said...

Thankfully heavy junk is my current MOS, so there was some training a few years ago. These are pretty straight forward, so about 10 minutes is all it takes to remember what you're doing. Just sucked going down the road with a bladder full of used coffee.

They also work pretty well for pushing a SEE truck out of deep snow. Yes, with enough talent you can get the mighty Unimog stuck. (Not me, I did the pushing.)