Friday, February 25, 2011

A Rather Elegant Design

The local coffee house just started carrying these, and if I hadn't just sent out a rent check I'd pick one up.  That's easily the prettiest press I have ever seen.  They've also got Highwave MoJOEmo mugs now too.  I've got a standard Joemo and a larger one with a tea basket, and they are indeed fully leak-proof.  The only downside is if you are one of those heathens that add sugar and cream to your coffee the seal mechanism can get pretty gross.

I've actually been rocking a Nissan Thermos that's just as leak proof, quite a bit simpler, and so effective that I've burned my tongue up to four hours after putting coffee in it.  I've lamented that it works too well.


Anonymous said... Just looked at your wish list on amazon,really neat and expensive, would you still be interested in getting a copy of Redemption Corps, A Warhammer 40,000 Novel by Rob Sanders? I know it's not the most expensive or coolest but a gift is a gift. If you do just add a comment here.

Fred said...

I'm optimistic about some of the stuff on there I guess, but I also direct friends and family there around the holidays and whatnot, so it tends to run the full spread of prices.

As far as sending me stuff from it, if it's on the list, it's fair game. Thanks in advance I suppose!

Anonymous said...

No thanks needed. Book should be there next week.