Friday, March 18, 2011

"Always Have a Knife"

Robb Allen is finally learning the lesson my Grandfather taught me nearly 20 years ago, the title of this post.  I can forget my phone or wallet at home, and it's a mild inconvenience, but I feel naked if I don't have my pocket knife.  Needless to say, I hate flying (how am I supposed to open the dang peanuts!)

There's just too many reasons to carry a good pocket knife.


Mr. Casey said...

Somewhere in my childhood, amid Boy Scouts and Explorers, I learned to always wear a belt and carry a knife. I also carry a small flashlight and two cotton bandanna hankies in my back pocket, but the knife rule is inviolable. There've been SOGs, Gerbers, Benchmades, Spydercos, CRKTs, etc, usually a good one-hand opener with a half serrated blade, for years.

I get mocked about it until something needs cutting.

I carried one in my cammies in The Corps and was surprised that other grunts didn't. My friends' son, a young Marine LCpl., tells me they are instructed to do so these days.

I, too, feel naked without the blade. Here in New Germany, it's ALL we can carry.

Mr. Casey said...

p.s. Can't wait to move to TX on 9 May.

Fred said...

I've been rocking a couple versions of the Kershaw Ken Onion design lately. The assisted opening is awesome, and I switch from a plain blade to a serrated if I'm going to be dealing with rope.

Firehand said...

Kind of amazing how many people find themselves needing to open something and
A: Are glad you have a knife and
B: then look sideways at you 'for carrying a weapon', etc.

Robert said...

I'm sure I didn't carry a knife as an infant/toddler (OK, not that young), but I honestly can't remember not ever having a knife after high school. Jeez, maybe I did learn something from my father after all... Thanks, dad!