Wednesday, March 16, 2011


"Your Raven Concealment order  shipped today."

Only ordered it in November...


JD said...

Excellent, I've really been curious about them and hav been thinking of ordering one.

I ordered a couple of those shotgun shell cards and they arrived today, like a retard I left the fuzzy sided velcro at work...

Got the new address, will hopefully get the knife out in the mail this week.

What's the word on carry legislation this year in WI?

Fred said...

Rumored to be going through the drafting process. Still pressure to get the finance crap hashed out now that the Senators came home.

Fuzzy shotties are fun.

This isn't my first product from RCS, but they've apparently done some tweaks in the last couple years since I got my set-up for the Sig. We'll see how things look in a few days.