Monday, November 28, 2011

S&W 442 Video

Short video of a few rounds from this morning.

Yeah... I need to work on reloads a little, and I am not responsible for the actions of Fudds in the background.

Overall, most round hit the little steel Practical Plinger, although a few went just left (need more dryfire time.)  I've got a little tender spot on the base of my right thumb that may or may not bruise, but really not too bad after 105 rounds (only 5 +P though.)

Now to get some dies and whatnot to reload for it.  Already have a bullet mold...


Sean D Sorrentino said...

Can I make a recommendation? When you work on your reloads, work on dropping the stuff you don't need after the reload. In an emergency, you want to drop the spent brass and the speedloader. By catching it all and stuffing it in your pockets, you are training yourself to do that in an emergency. During an emergency, you don't have time to waste keeping the brass off the ground.

Fred said...

Usually I do, but I wasn't relishing the thought of digging around in the gravel with near numb hands to pick my stuff up.