Monday, December 12, 2011


Take one J-frame, stash it in a car for an hour in December in Wisconsin, then insert in your Super-Tuck without an undershirt on.  Stupid rules...


Anonymous said...

...or the cold slab of steel of a 1911 slide.

All this 'holstering-unholstering-reholstering' in parking lots WILL lead to a ND eventually. But the headline will NOT read, "Idiot Legislature At Fault For Encouraging Firearm Safety Violations."

At some point too, we're going to have to circle back and eliminate the authorization for municipalities to post 'no weapons.' "Shall not be infringed" applies to governments, not pizza shops.

Fred said...

I'd contemplate suing the University for it if I managed to cap myself "making safe" just to go to class. It was the administration's choice after all. Hopefully it never comes to that though.